Begining of a Summer Project

When I graduated from UMass this summer and came home to live with my folks before joining the real world, I knew I had to find some kind of project to fill my free time to counteract the decelerated pace of life in Vermont.

Eventually I decided what out packed house really need was another boat. After all, five boats that can hold about ten people all together is hardly enough for a house of four. Thus far, all of our water craft have been of the paddling/rowing variety, so the obvious choice was to add a sailing vessel to the fleet. Though I hadn’t been sailing in years, and haven’t made anything of this sort or scale, I easily convinced myself that surly this ancient crafting art couldn’t be that complicated.

Before I started to really knuckle down and research wooden boats, I thought to myself, I would be remiss is I ignored all my years of education as an engineer and failed to come up with some goals prior to burying myself in theory and thought.

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