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I’ve had a Casio Commando 2 C811 LTE smart phone for a while now, and I was thinking about picking up a charging cradle for it. I remember back when I had the Casio Boulder flip phone, the charging cradle came standard in the box with it and was rather handy. I figured the cradle wouldn’t cost much more than a phone charger (~$10), being little more than shaped plastic with a connector and cables running through it. Unfortunately, Casio thinks this simple device is now worth a whopping $50, instead of being free with the phone (apparently the cradle for even the original commando was ~$30). Thus motivated, I was inspired by the works of Objectivityiskey and buffal0b1ll who seem to have had similar issues.

Boulder 711 cradle

Boulder charging cradle that used to come standard with the phone

Despite being a feature that is advertised everywhere the Commando is mentioned, the charger is actually relatively difficult to find. I couldn’t find it on either the Casio or Verizon website.

c811 Cradle

Formed plastic charging cradle for the C811 Commando LTE

The old Boulder cradle had the same connector as the phone (not micro USB) so it could be plugged in anywhere the phone could be. Under no such requirements myself, I plan to cannibalize an old charger  with a bent tip; causing it to no longer function. I also have a car charger that came with the Body Glove Dropsuit (the Commando C811 version doesn’t seem to be on the website at this time) case I picked up recently so I can make a second cradle and stick it in the car.

Bent Charger Tip

Unfortunately due to this slight deformation, this end of the charger is completely useless.

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