Board Gamer’s Dilemma: Laser Cut Box Insert (The Resistance)

It has been a little while, like a few years, but I am back with whats new in my world.

The phone cradle didn’t end up working out. In the end, I just couldn’t fab something springy and small enough at the time to hold the contact on both sides. But I have a new phone with Qi charging and all is well in phones (future project to inlay a charger into a desk, more in another post). Keep your SD card slots and 3.5 jacks despite what the comms overlords would press on you. But, on to today’s conundrum.


The Resistance with the original vanilla packaging. The cards don’t fit now that they have been sleeved.

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Phone Cradle

I’ve had a Casio Commando 2 C811 LTE smart phone for a while now, and I was thinking about picking up a charging cradle for it. I remember back when I had the Casio Boulder flip phone, the charging cradle came standard in the box with it and was rather handy. I figured the cradle wouldn’t cost much more than a phone charger (~$10), being little more than shaped plastic with a connector and cables running through it. Unfortunately, Casio thinks this simple device is now worth a whopping $50, instead of being free with the phone (apparently the cradle for even the original commando was ~$30). Thus motivated, I was inspired by the works of Objectivityiskey and buffal0b1ll who seem to have had similar issues.

Boulder 711 cradle

Boulder charging cradle that used to come standard with the phone

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Not enough hours in the day

Since I’m not finding as much time as I had hopped to fill out this blog, I thought I’d throw up some pictures of the final result and add the process later.

rigging kayakamaran

Rigging the kayakamaran

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Begining of a Summer Project

When I graduated from UMass this summer and came home to live with my folks before joining the real world, I knew I had to find some kind of project to fill my free time to counteract the decelerated pace of life in Vermont.

Eventually I decided what out packed house really need was another boat. After all, five boats that can hold about ten people all together is hardly enough for a house of four. Thus far, all of our water craft have been of the paddling/rowing variety, so the obvious choice was to add a sailing vessel to the fleet. Though I hadn’t been sailing in years, and haven’t made anything of this sort or scale, I easily convinced myself that surly this ancient crafting art couldn’t be that complicated.

Before I started to really knuckle down and research wooden boats, I thought to myself, I would be remiss is I ignored all my years of education as an engineer and failed to come up with some goals prior to burying myself in theory and thought.

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