Laser Cut Box Insert (Shadowrun Crossfire)

So one of the things that really kicked this laser inserts project off is Skytraders from Fantasy Flight Games which is a fantastic game but neigh impossible to play due to setup involving lots of little piles that need to be separated at the start of play. Since it is so involved, I was considering this my capstone project (we’ll get there chronologically). Next up came Shadowrun Crossfire from Catalyst Game Labs, which i absolutely recommend, it is a great co-op game.


Shadowrun Crossfire plus High Caliber Ops expansion with the original vanilla packaging. There is lots of extra space, so much so that everything can get jumbled.

The original insert was clearly designed for the future, with several large slots to hold plenty of expansions. Unfortunately, it was far too big to hold the game in its stock form. And while Catalyst labs is making expansions, they aren’t coming quite fast enough to warrant the giant carrying capacity. The cards just get lost and there is no way to organize all of the tokens (little zip-lock baggies, lots of zip-lock baggies).


Basic Dimensions for Shadowrun Crossfire insert.

The basic concept was to have a series of movable dividers for all of the cards facilitating the current situation as well as future expansion. Additionally, there would be an area to keep character sheets and a box for tokens that could be taken out and left on the table during play.


Dividers for cards fit all of the current cards with adjustability.

The adjustable card dividers along one side have “U” cut outs to allow for fingers to have better access. Above each section is a description of what can be found in front. At present with the High Caliber Ops expansion, and all black market cards sleeved (only black market/basic cards are sleeved due to the frequency of shuffling and to make them easily distinguishable from other types), everything fits with plenty of breathing and future-proofing room.


Removable token storage.

The removable token box has slide off lids to prevent anything from getting lost in the box. I included slits in the top of the lids so that a ribbon could run through and help them be removed if things were to have ended up a little stickier. We are actually using Zombicide damage markers for obstacle damage because the triangles always end up getting jostled out of place.


Shadowrun Crossfire plus High Caliber Ops expansion in the updated packaging. Plenty of room for expansion and organization.

Anyway, behold the Shadowrun Crossfire box in its final form. it can be had as a PDF or in the original Corel format (x5 for compatibility with the TechShop).


The whole bundle laid out.

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